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Aug. 27, 2008
'My Best Year in a Long Time'
NROC champion Adam Miller talks about his career in skating and how he finds time for work and working out.

Adam Miller profile

Aug. 14, 2008
The NROC Cash Split
Here's how we are divvying up the $5550 in prize money for the 2008 National Roller Cup!
NROC cash chart

Aug. 9, 2008
Miller, Rice Win Hayward
Adam Miller and Debbie Rice win the 39-mile Hayward Inline Challenge and NROC titles.
Hayward story
Hayward photos
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Aug. 6, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate Hayward
We found some great and fishy reasons to skate the season finale of the National Roller Cup.

Hayward Top 10

Aug. 3, 2008
Miller, Rookard Win St. Paul
Adam Miller wins again; Jilleanne Rookard takes the lead out; Eddy Matzger's still in the game.
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July 31, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate Saint Paul
You betcha we found lots of great reasons to skate one of America's top inline marathons.
Top Ten List

July 26, 2008
Miller, Rice Win Chicagoland
Adam Miller and Debbie Rice race smart to win big despite stiff competition; young event nearly triples in size.
Race recap and updates

July 21, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate Chicago
Picasso, pizza and tommy guns make our top 10 list for the Chicagoland Inline Marathon.

Top Ten List

July 8, 2008
Miller, Rice Take the Lead
After four events, Adam Miller and Debbie Rice move into the lead in the National Roller Cup.
Planet story

July 1, 2008
Pros Get to Move Around
For the next 10 days, pros will be allowed to move to new divisions in the National Roller Cup.
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June 29, 2008
Bell, Rice Win Badger
Rob Bell and Debbie Rice win as bugs feast and skater hits the pavement.
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June 23, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate Badger
Remind me ... why should I slog through the land of the cheeseheads to skate a marathon?
Top 10 List

May 21, 2008
Joey Mantia: Pushing the Limits
NROC's current men's leader talks about goals, double-push and plans for testing the ice.
Mantia Profile

May 13, 2008
Luigino, Bont Lead Team Rankings
Joey Mantia's dominance and Bont's depth are piling up team points in the National Roller Cup.
Planet story

May 6, 2008
Mantia, George Lead After San Francisco
With the spring season ending, Joey Mantia and Rebecca George sit atop the National Roller Cup.
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May 5, 2008
Event Photos
Flying Feet in Frisco
The 2008 San Francisco Inline Marathon in words and pictures ... photos by Michael Chevedden.
SFIM Gallery
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May 4, 2008
Mantia, Sayasane Win in San Francisco
Joey Mantia rides a solo breakaway to victory; Sara Sayasane edges Helen Havam in the sprint.
Planet story
Joey Mantia Interview
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April 28, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate the SF Inline Marathon
Need another reason to head for the City by the Bay ... how about ten.
Top 10 List
Setting the Record Straight

April 10, 2008
Chad Johnson: In the Lead
The 34-year-old former football player found a great new world when he started skating.
NROC Profile

April 9, 2008
Rebecca George: The Natural
The new NROC leader has only been racing for two years, but she's already a star.
NROC Profile

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April 6, 2008
Mantia, Rice Win Road Rash
Joey Mantia strolls to victory; Debbie Rice beats rival Peggy Girgenti.
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March 27, 2008
Top 10 Reasons to Skate the Road Rash
Need another excuse to mosey on over to Texas next week? ... How about ten!
Top 10 List

March 25, 2008
David Sarmiento: Colombian Conqueror
Since arriving in Minnesota, the 26-year-old has raised the bar for outdoor racers in the Midwest.
David's profile

March 20, 2008
Kara Peterson: A Speedy Late Bloomer
NROC's top woman is a cop who only started speed skating 10 years ago.
Kara's Profile

NROC Ranks the Pros
Here they are: the pro rankings after the first event of the new National Roller Cup.
NROC standings

March 19, 2008
Prime Scores for the Metrodome
Check out the performance scores for the first NROC event, the Metrodome Inline Marathon.
NROC Prime scores
What is NROC Prime?

March 16, 2008
Sarmiento, Peterson Win
David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson shoot to NROC lead; Adams Inline wins team time trial.
Planet story

March 14, 2008
NROC Prime Goes Live!
If you raced much last year, you'll probably find yourself in our preview of NROC's performance-based ranking system.
NROC Prime Preview

March 11, 2008
Special Rules of the Metrodome
Skaters in Sunday's Metrodome Inline Marathon can earn points in either the solo marathon or team time trial — but not both.
Special race rules

March 4, 2008
Rules for Rockin'
Read, react, get ready! ... Here's the official rulebook for the National Roller Cup.
NROC Rulebook

Feb. 18, 2008
Chicago Blows Into NROC
The Chicagoland Inline Marathon becomes the seventh event to join the National Roller Cup.
Planet story

Feb. 14, 2008
Bont Sweetens the Pot!
The Australian skate maker pledges $5000 for NROC's cash purse.
Planet story

Jan. 24, 2008
NROC Snags Graphics Sponsor
Visual Impact will provide free custom banners for events in the race series.
Planet story

Jan. 17, 2008
Badger Ambles Into NROC!
The Badger State Inline Marathon becomes the sixth event to join the new race series.
Planet story
NROC Fact Sheet

Jan. 16, 2008
The NROC Logo
Take a look at the newest piece of the NROC puzzle — the NROC logo.
Planet story
Latest on NROC

Jan. 11, 2008
Road Rash Signs Up!
The Texas Road Rash will be the second event of the National Roller Cup inline racing series.
Planet story

Jan. 3, 2008
Early NROC Schedule!
Mark your calendars! Here's the first wave of events to officially join the National Roller Cup.

NROC's First Wave
NROC Fact Sheet

Dec. 12, 2007
Event News
NROC Revealed!
The National Roller Cup won't just be for pro racers. ... Get ready to rumble, fitness skaters!

NROC Fact Sheet
Download Fact Sheet PDF

Nov. 21, 2007
Event News
NROC Unveiled!
Get ready for exciting times in 2008 with the arrival of NROC, the National Roller Cup, brought to you by the Inline Planet.

NROC announcement

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Adam Miller at Badger

NROC Champs
Adam Miller (left) and Debbie Rice, winners of the 2008 NROC open division.

NROC - National Roller Cup?

  • New for 2008
    The National Roller Cup is an inline racing series for pro and fitness skaters.
  • Who's NROC!
    NROC is a collaboration between the Inline Planet and a number of America's top inline marathons. It's goal is to grow the sport of inline skating.
  • How Can I Be a Part of NROC?
    All you have to do is sign up to skate in the events of the inaugural NROC season!
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