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NROC Events - 2008 (so far)

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March 16: Metrodome Inline Marathon
April 6: Texas Road Rash
May 4: San Francisco Inline Marathon
June 29: Badger State Inline Marathon
July 26: Inlinewarehouse-Chicagoland Inline Marathon
Aug. 3: Saint Paul Inline Marathon
Aug. 9: Hayward Inline Marathon

March 16, 2008
Metrodome Inline Marathon
Skate the world's only regularly scheduled indoor inline marathon! The action takes place on the buttery smooth concourse of the Metrodome sports stadium in Minneapolis. Skaters are set loose on the racecourse one at a time and allowed to form into pacelines of as many as five skaters. Teams compete in an exciting time trial event.
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April 6, 2008
Texas Road Rash
A great post-race party is one of the reasons the Road Rash is the top early season outdoor marathon in North America. But everything about this marathon is top shelf. The event includes cash prizes, a pre-race dinner, goodie bags, chip timing and lots more. New this year is an elimination event on Saturday, making the Road Rash a full weekend of racing and fun!
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May 4 , 2008
San Francisco Inline Marathon
The organizers of this one-year-old event have big dreams. They hope to grow their event into a replacement for the now-defunct Long Beach Inline Marathon, formerly the West Coast's top skate event. Toward that end, they've moved the racecourse this year to fabulous Golden Gate Park. They've also added a 6-mile Super-K and a post-race party. Help grow skating on the West Coast ... Register for the San Francisco Inline Marathon!
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June 29, 2008
Badger State Inline Marathon
This event that provides a great opportunity to mix inline racing with family fun. The Badger State Inline Marathon is set in one America's favorite vacation spots, the Wisconsin Dels. Come and compete in the full or half marathon outside Portage. Then enjoy the area's many attractions, including the scenic river gorge and numerous watermarks.. The event is part of Wisconsin's Badger State Games, an annual event devoted to amateur athletics..
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July 26, 2008
Chicagoland Inline Marathon
Here's another young event that is making all the right moves. Designed to appeal to both serious racers and fitness skaters, the Chicagoland Inline Marathon includes a full and half marathon, a 2-mile Kids Sprint and a 1-mile Young Guns Fun Race. Getting there is easy. The racecourse is just 12 miles from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and within walking distance of the host hotel. And when you're done racing, you'll have lots ot do: Chicago is a truly great American city.
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Aug. 3, 2008
Saint Paul Inline Marathon
Skate along the Mississippi River on your way to the heart of Saint Paul, MN. You'll collect double points in this race due to its status as a "mega" event. You'll also skate with many of North America's top racers: the Saint Paul Inline Marathon always draws a highly competitive field — not to mention, legions of fitness skaters who sign up to test themselves in the full marathon or 10-mile tour. On the evening before the race, skaters compete in the exciting Miss and Out elimination event in a downtown park.
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Aug. 9, 2008
Hayward Inline Marathon
This two-year-old Wisconsin event has emerged as one of the top mid-sized skate marathons in North America. Set in the scenic Northwoods of Wisconsin, it includes a full and half marathon and the 39-mile Hayward Inline Challenge. (NROC pro results will be based on the finish in the Challenge.) This year, the organizers are doubling the cash prizes (prems) awarded to skaters who are in first place at different stages in the event. They are also adding divisions for "large" skaters: Clydesdale for men 200 pounds and above; and Athena for women 160 pounds and above.
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