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NROC Rulebook - 2008
Rules will be revised for 2009 season.

The National Roller Cup is an inline racing series for pro-elite and fitness skaters. It involves two separate ranking systems.

The first, the Pro Point System, will rank pro and elite skaters based on their time in participating races. The second, NROC Prime, will provide skaters with scores based on their performance compared to a calculated prime time, or best time, for each race. (For a list of participating races, go to the NROC Events page.)

The NROC Pro Points System

NROC Prime Performance System

The NROC Pro Points System

NROC will rank pro and elite skaters in the following divisions:

  • Open - under 35
  • Master - 35 to 44
  • Veteran - 45 and above

(There will be separate divisions for men and women.)

Skaters will be placed in divisions based on their age but those who prefer can petition NROC (email: to be placed in the open division.

NROC will rank skaters as pros if they race in the pro or advanced division of any participating race.

How Points Will be Awarded

Points will be awarded to the first 20 skaters in each division based on finishing times. In some cases, placement could be affected by the division a skater races in. (For instance, a veteran skater might get a better time if he or she skated in the open division.)

Skaters will earn 60 points for first place, 50 for second, 45 for third, and so on. (Full list of points) Double points will be awarded at Mega events, those with more than 1000 skaters.

Points will be added from race to race. But only a skater's top five scores will count toward his or her final point tally.

The skater with the most points at the end of the season will be named the NROC national champion in their division. A cash purse of at least $5000 will be awarded in prizes. (Bont has pledged $5000 for the purse; we are looking for additional sponsors.)

In the case of a tie, the skater who collects the most points in the final race will be declared the winner.

Age Categories

Skaters will be placed in categories (in both the Pro Points System and NROC Prime) based on their age on Sept. 13, 2008, the date of the NorthShore Inline Marathon.

Team Rankings

NROC will rank teams based on the order of finish of the top finishers. The scores of the top three skaters for men's teams and the top two skaters for women's team's will count toward the total.

Teams must register with NROC in order to be counted in the team rankings. To register your team, contact the Inline Planet ( Registration is free.

Team skaters will not earn points for their team unless the team has at least two registered skaters.

Races in Which Points Will be Awarded

Points in the Pro Point System will be awarded based on results in the marathons of all events, except for the Hayward Inline Marathon. At Hayward, points will be based on results in the 39-mile Hayward Inline Challenge.

At the Metrodome Inline Marathon, points will be awarded based on times in the marathon or team time trial. If a skater races both events, his or her best time will be used. (Special rules for Metrodome Inline Marathon)

NROC Prime

NROC Prime is a performance-based system that will gauge performance throughout the course of the inline racing season.

The system will generate performance scores for all skaters in participating events (marathon and ultra-marathons only). The performance scores will be based on each skater's time in comparison to a theoretical Prime Time (best time) for each race.

Doing the Math

To establish a Prime Time for each race, we have designated more than 50 "NROC Benchmark Skaters." These are skaters who regularly compete in inline marathons in North America.

For each Benchmark Skater, we have calculated how far back (in minutes and seconds) he or she has finished behind the top three skaters in the last three NorthShore Inline Marathons. We call this average the skater's "Benchmark Time."

We will use these Benchmark Times to calculate a Prime Time for each race using the following method:

After each event in the series, our Official Scorer (Milliseconds Sports Timing) will compile a list of Benchmark Skaters who competed in the race. Milliseconds will then subtract each skater's Benchmark Time from his or her race time. This will provide a range of prime times for the race. These prime times will be averaged (after removing outliers) to produce an official Prime Time for each race.

Finally, to arrive at performance scores for each skater, the Prime Time will be subtracted from the actual race time of each skater. This time (in decimal minutes) will be called the skater's Prime Plus score.

Here's the basic formula: Skater's race time (minus) Prime Time (equals) Prime Plus score.

Skater Joe's NROC Score

Here's an example of how a Prime Plus score will be generated:

  1. Skater Joe posts a time of 1:20:35 in X Event.
  2. The Prime Time for the race is determined to be 1:05:20.
  3. The Prime Time is subtracted from Skater Joe's time.
  4. The result is Skater Joe's Prime Plus score: 15.25.

Non-standard Distance Races

In non-standard distance races (such as the Hayward Inline Challenge), a multiplier will be used to standardize results.

Prime Plus Results

Performance scores will be posted on the NROC section of the Inline Planet.

Scores will be averaged for each skater from race to race.

The average will be used to rank skaters by performance in age categories. Skaters who participate in four of more events will be included in the final Prime Plus rankings.

Age Categories for NROC Prime Skaters

  • 10-14
  • 15-19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80-89



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